Week in Review 6/7/14

Hard to believe that the month of June is over, marking the half-way through the year 2014.  Wow!!  What have we done and where have we been?

We started the year out on the coast of Mexico, then went inland for 3 months and made a quick decision to head back up to Canada to visit family and friends.  That’s where we are now…Vancouver Island, BC.

We live Life on the Whim, never quite sure where we are going or what we’ll be doing.  We don’t know who we’ll be networking with, and how circumstances will change our lives and our very being.

Case in point…when we came to the island our friend Shelley was taking her kids to volunteer at a petting farm and asked if we wanted to go along and possibly start volunteering there.  So we tagged along, and that day changed our lives…and I think it’s fair to say, the lives of the Hamilton’s who own the farm.

While school was still in session and the farm was getting Play-school’s coming to the farm on weekdays the farm was short on available volunteers and so our kids jumped right in.  They benefited the farm by providing people power, and our kids have learned so much about farm-life, responsibility, team-work, communication.  Always so much to learn, and hone our skills.


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