Arrows, Lines, Head Designs

I posted earlier about dealing with lice, and some of the new hair cuts that resulted from that.  That actually took place last week.

Last night, however, we got into more hair cutting groove and Maret decided to be creative…and I (Mom) was on board so we got buzzing.  Three new looks last night, 2 of which we used the electric hair kit…..I’d never leave home (traveling) without that kit!!

First, Mitch just wanted his shortened.  No buzz for him…can you even tell it was cut?



Me, buzzed all over.

Me, buzzed all over.

Maret, who says she doesn't like her face shown in pictures....

Maret, who says she doesn’t like her face shown in pictures….

The left side (as you look at the picture) is buzzed at 1/4″ while the right side is 3/4″.  And the side and back look like this:


DSCF1125 DSCF1124


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