Canada, Eh!

We’ve been back in Canada seven weeks now, and several of the kids have said, “I didn’t realize how much I missed/love Canada!”

So it’s not surprising that a few of them were disappointed to not watch the Parksville Parade in town, or see the fireworks.  But Shelly just put up video of it here.

Not many people had signed up to volunteer here at the farm so Johnson’s were the committed ones. Don arrived with cowboy hats for the sunny day and doled them out. Not perfect fits but fun nonetheless.


Mama Cowboy

Mama Cowboy

Anders Dude

Anders Dude

Laars is under there.

Laars is under there.

I could totally see Mitchell being a farmer.  He's taken to this farm life like a duck to water.  It ALL looks good on him, not just the hat.

I could totally see Mitchell being a farmer. He’s taken to this farm life like a duck to water. It ALL looks good on him, not just the hat.

Chores were done and families where already waiting at the gate when I walked up there to Open up. I thought it was going to be a crazy busy day. But like so many other places of business, it ebbs and wanes.

Kids kept nicely busy all day, throwing back some red and white treats I had purchased and consuming freezies from the Hamiltons. It was a scorcher, walking ponies around baking rings. Making sure everything and everyone had enough water and shade.

Pizzas were ordered for supper while kids and Shelly tacked up horses for instructional riding. Dust flew as horses and ponies circled the ring and weaved between barrels.

We walked horses down the shaded trail boxed in with forest greens and secret bird houses. And when the horses were finally relieved of tack, the sweaty horses rolled in the sand, marking the now-vacant saddle-spot with mud.

As evening fell and the night sky moved in Mitchell sat by his campfire with empty marshmallow bag. We arrived with a bag of sticks of some sort somebody had found, claiming them as sparklers. But some were just incense on steroids to add to the camp smoke. Fortunately, some were really sparklers so we got them lit, twirling and dancing while Ray shot off flares from the driveway.



So very low keyed, this Canada Day. Everette and Danaka in Puerto Rico, the teens exhausted from sun and work, and Mom too blurry-eyed to drive younger ones in to see the sky light up.

They may be disappointed about the Canada Day Celebrations (or lack of them) but they are certainly happy to be in Canada!!

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