Lice and Hair Do’s

Because our kids don’t attend school we’ve never had to deal with head lice before. Not that school is the only place to pick it up, but it seems the most likely place to encounter the creature.

So we had the lovely (tongue firmly in cheek) experience of at least 4 of our kids enduring the experience of itchy head and creepy crawlies laying eggs. I say ‘at least 4’ because that’s how many heads we found the tiny creatures on, but we treated other heads too, just in case.

We bought various lice combs from the drug store, each with their pros/cons but all of them tend to spew out their tines when dropped….a common occurrence at our place. Argh! In the garbage they go.

Nightly (some did it several times a day) we combed thru everybody’s hair, dropping essential oil on the combs each time (lavender or tea tree) to disinfect.

We added generous drops (a small dump) of tea tree oil to thick conditioner and spread that at the roots of all questionable and confirmed heads of hair every second day. After a good 10 minutes that was washed off.

Daily we washed pillowcases. We also washed hair bands, hats, blankets.

Some chose to get haircuts to make it easier to get those combs through their hair. These Johnson’s are known for having thick hair.

I’m thrilled to say that within 4 days…ONLY FOUR DAYS…we weren’t finding any more lice/nits. They were all gone. We kept up with treatments until every head was clear for at least 3 days.

Those with new Do’s are all happy with their new looks, despite the motivation.

Danaka, short and strawberry blonde

Danaka, short and strawberry blonde

Tov & Laars sporting shorter cuts.  Everette's is always short.

Tov & Laars sporting shorter cuts. Everette’s is always short.


Tov & Laars

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