Cowichan Valley and Family Ties

We met Layne (& Everette and Mitchell) in Duncan on her day off work and made a stop at the cemetery where Everette’s relatives are buried, including his dad (no headstone).

Our kiddos

Our kiddos

We spent the afternoon at Skutz Falls, following trails, sitting and talking alongside the gurgling water, even waiting for clothes to dry while the sun peeked in and out from the clouds (some body accidentally slipped into the river).  It was a delightful, relaxing day.  No agenda.  Just family. Another day we drove to Lake Cowichan to visit with Everette’s Mom, and his sister and her family.  Both trips to the Cowichan Valley were days I discovered the battery on the camera was dead, so very skimpy on the pictures.  (camera doesn’t take normal batteries so can’t just run to the store for AA’s)

That’s it for pictures on our camera.  Now, thankfully the Hales took some photos so here they are.

Silly Cousins.  Mitchell, Tasha and Anders

Silly Cousins. Mitchell, Tasha and Anders

@ Grandma's

Laars, Tasha, Maret, Toveli, Anders, Mitchell, Gaelyn @ Grandma’s

Hales and Johnsons

Kande (Ev’s sister), Danaka, Sylvia(Mom), Twyla, Terry, Tasha, Laars, Mitchell, Toveli, Anders, Maret, Karen, Everette         (Gaelyn took the photo outside Hale’s)

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