Week in Review & Happy Father’s Day! 15/6/14

Half way thru the month of June and I’m wondering where Summer is.  The temperature starts to rise and then the clouds roll in and the drizzle starts.  There is still HOPE!  Summer isn’t officially here until next weekend.  Fingers crossed!!!

We’ve done some visiting, some sight seeing, a little educational stuff.  But the way we look at life…Life is Educational, so we just continue to live our life and see what each day brings.

Because we are getting the “aquaponics bug” we took Beth up on the opportunity of checking out her backyard food production happening in Nanaimo.  We haven’t made it back for Beth and Toveli to chat about plants but I really should make that happen sometime soon! (mental reminder)

Denise is a real-card-of-a-lady who made a mean lasagne dinner we gobbled up, and fills our ears with hilarious stories (or at least she tells a good yarn).  It’s always good to catch up with what the Berg’s are doing and tell our own (embellished) stories.

This season we are currently in seems like a lot of our faces either glaze over from hours in front of computer screens, or light up with hanging out with the animals and Hamilton’s at the Hobby Farm.  The latter is therapeutic and I see the countenance of the children definitely improving when they sit amongst the goats, or curry the ponies, or cuddle the bunnies.  The unconditional love of animals improves all of our lives.  True acceptance.

With all the hard (or at least, consistent) work the kids have been doing at the Hobby Farm some of the kids have taken up the offer for riding lessons.  The requests have come in that we purchase some horses of our own, but I don’t see a day in the near future when that would happen so for now the kids are best just to keep accepting Hamilton’s offer to ride their horses.

So, today is Father’s Day…. almost all gone as I write this late post.  My dad’s been long gone, almost 26 years now.  Everette’s, 9.5 years.  But I did get a special family treat today.  My eldest brother caught BC Ferries to the Island to come visit us for a few hours.  Thanks, Bri.

Brian, my eldest of 3 brothers

Brian, my eldest of 3 brothers



to all the men who rise to the high calling of being


The Johnsons (minus the Burke branch)

The Johnsons (minus the Burke branch)

Most of the kids that make Everette a Dad are in this picture taken just a few weeks ago, but we are still missing Rauchelle and her family, and the little Marin that calls him Grampa.  And Seth, thanks for being an incredible Daddy to our first grand babies.

From L-R front row: Anders, Maret, Layne, Gaelyn

back row: Laars, Mitchell, Karen (me), Toveli, Everette, Danaka


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