Life of Their Own: Layne’s Place

We’ve been traveling for 19 months without our oldest two girls because they have a life of their own now.  And that’s totally expected.  That’s the way with kids.  We don’t raise children, we raise adults.  Adults who spread their wings and set up their own nests, hopefully not too far away that we can’t visit occasionally.

Rauchelle has started her own family with Seth and are expecting their second child in October.  It’s nice to visit and see the life they are shaping for themselves, and be invited in to share in parts of it.  Our visit in Portland was sweet for all of us.

Coming back to Canada meant that I could finally see where Layne has made her home.  She’s lived in a few different places since we hit the road in 2012 but I missed out on them.  Her new place seems more long-term and she’s very content with the way its turning out, and has a good landlord.  That can make or break a deal.

Tiny, for her needs are small. It’s a basement suite close enough to walk to town and work since she doesn’t own a car.

Her suite is too small for the family to hang out much so we had a quick tour then headed out to a beach she can’t easily access without a vehicle, and spent the day beach combing & watching seals, sea lions and otters.  (Thanks to Noah S who first introduced us to Aylard Farm!)

Before leaving Sooke I wanted a little more peek into our eldest daughters life.  So we stopped by her place of employment, The Stick in the Mud, to meet her ‘other family’ members I hadn’t met yet.  Those who include her in after-Christmas dinners, playing games, and who sometimes cycle with her.  The ones she enjoys hanging out with by choice, after work hours.  Sipping coffee together.

The Johnsons (minus the Burke branch)

The Johnsons (minus the Burke branch)

Group High Five

Group High Five


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