Dancing and Schedules

I think this is darling….young kids learning to dance.

Kara is the beautiful red-head, the daughter of my friend whose house we are currently staying at.  I was on school/dance duty Mondays (last week and today) so Shelley could get away for extended weekends.  Challenges as a single mom never cease.

So I got the taste of schedules…get the kids up to deal with breakfast, pack lunches and get to school at a set time.  The big challenge is to remember to pick them up at the end of the school day.  Then it’s the shuffle of getting Kara to dance class and get supper happening before the evening schedule begins .  But that’s when Shelley arrives back home to take on the evening dance classes.

I go back to living life with less schedules (we get enough of that with volunteering regularly) and keeping tabs on only seven kids.

Back to the dancing….

This video doesn’t exist

In retrospect I wish our children had had more experience taking dance lessons.  But, the rearview mirror is just a fraction the size of the windshield because we need to spend our time looking forwards more than we do backwards.


One thought on “Dancing and Schedules

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