Hanging Out in Coombs


Coombs is probably best known for the Goats on the Roof at the Coombs Market.  There are often bus loads of people who mosey on thru the market and neighbouring stores, and we’ve been bringing our children occasionally here since Everette and I first visiting this part of the island together in 1990.  When we moved to the island in 1991 we would often bring visitors up to Coombs for a day trip.DSCF1141

It used to be like a western frontier town we really enjoyed.  Then they put up this castle thing that obviously the kids like to climb, but just didn’t suit the western feel.

A Hoy, Anders!

A Hoy, Anders!

And then a few years later they added what I disrespectfully call Buddha-statues and the western-flare was lost forever.

My beautiful kids (with ugly-to-me statues in the background)

My beautiful kids (with ugly-to-me statues in the background)

But this is the community where we are spending some time at my friend Shelley’s place.  She lives about a kilometre down the way from here, and she had us stop in for a free sample of fudge at the candy store (that used to be the Rubber Stamp Farm wayyyy back where little Layne and Rauchelle would learn to make beautiful stamps with heated glitter on take-home cards they collected.  Secret: Rauchelle used to collect business cards by the hundreds!)  Gramma Schindel used to bring us to Coombs to buy ice cream (waffle) cones piled high with Rocky Road and Moose Tracks or Chocolate Peanut Butter or Tiger.  And the girls would climb into the beat up old car that used to have a resident gorilla they would do a photo shoot with.

Yeah, we are hanging out with Shelley and her 3 kids on 1 acre.



Yaremcio's house

Yaremcio’s house

Tenting, prepped in case it rains

Tenting, prepped in case it rains

Shelley & Karen in the house

Shelley & Karen in the house

Lots more pics to come: of the silly/busy kids and bunny love; Layne & her bf visiting; volunteer work at a petting farm; visit to Qualicum Cheeseworks.

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