Operation Shattered Glass

Monday morning we were packing up to head across the border to our homeland.

During our week here in Portland, OR we had removed the rooftop boxes for our next adventure doesn’t require them (have to stay tuned to hear what we are up to next!).  We blessed/cursed Rauchelle and Seth with some of our belongings (to help fill in their first home of their own), sold some to Next Adventure to buy me some new Montrail runners with the credit (does that mean I have to take up trail running?), and gave stuff to Goodwill.

We weren’t sure how all of our stuff was going to pack into the van itself and still leave room for occupants we had hoped to arrive with in Canada.  We left with 7 kids and had managed not to lose any in 18 months+, we were hopeful we could take all of the same ones back across the border with us!!

No sleeping-in on driving days, we got the kids moving, packing, and Maret headed for a “quick shower”.  However, instead of raining down water she was unfortunately hit by shattering glass.  The glass door came off the track and shattered to a million pieces as it hit the tile floor and Maret was stepping in.DSCF1149

Shaking, in shock from a sheet of glass pouring down on her, Maret wrapped herself in a towel and called for help.  Mitchell got her Seth’s croc shoes and called attention to the situation and we converged on Maret to assist her.  We spent about half-hour vacuuming/sweeping the tops & bottoms of her feet.  I picked out splinters/speckles of glass from between her toes, just under her toe nails, and from her lower calf.  Blood dripped from her a few knicks on her knuckles.DSCF1142

She had no pain, and didn’t appear to have any big lacerations.  Fortunately no glass hit her face.

We finally let her get changed into her clothes, and that’s when she discovered a bleeding wound on her upper left thigh; the leg she was leading with when entering the shower.  There were a few small cuts and then there was a decent sized gash.  She put on shorts so we could easily assess the damage, and was decided it was clean and didn’t require more than butterfly stitches (special bandaids) so Everette attended to bandaging her up after I had washed off the blood and the area shaved with a new razor.

The area of her thigh has been tender. She’s been walking with a bit of a limp as to walk properly causes discomfort.  Three days later  (as I’m writing) it’s healing well and she is finally able to walk straight.

An ironic detail of no significance really but is interesting…the vertical gash from this incidence is virtually a mirror image to a cut Maret accidently inflicted on her right thigh last summer with an x-acto knife.  She’ll have matching scars!

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