Wind Blown

Morning came too quickly, I awoke and a split-second thought was Everette had the bedroom light on reading.  But no, it was the already blazing sun (at 7:15am) quickly raising the temperature in the tent.  We started to strip off the layers, and got to packing before the temps rose too much.

Our friend Shelly says that pioneers from bygone years stopped to wait for the winds to die down….and thus was the start of Kingman.

We blow into Cooper’s house just like the winds.  Amidst a houseful of moving boxes yet to be unpacked the Cooper’s open their hearts and our bellies all jiggle with laughter.  Although Laars says he doesn’t remember Coopers from last summer, Karl says he distinctly remembers Laars.  Anders and Shelly start calling each other ‘creepy’.  The three youngest start climbing on Quincy. I announce that there is not going to be midnight games of Murder this time around.  We are all short on sleep; Coopers from moving households, Johnsons from moving countries.

But we wouldn’t want to swing thru the NW corner of Arizona without stopping in for some belly laughs.  Some people are just too fun to pass by.

Thanks Coopers.

PS….too busy laughing I forgot to take any pictures!!!

One thought on “Wind Blown

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