Mexican Tow-Job

7am: About 10 kms from our overnight stay in Las Glorias we were barreling down the country road amongst farms when….our motor stopped. Unable to start it again, we coasted to the side and came to rest at a dirt (double) cross-roads.

Immediately the kids started chiming in references to Supernatural. Watching too much TV programs. Talking demons, angels, what spirits might be lingering here.

Everette did a quick check to make sure we were getting power to all the necessary points, and added alcohol to the gas as we both thought maybe there was water in the line. It sounded more favourable upon trying to start it, but no go.

Mitch & Ev unloaded surfboards and the kayak to access the roof box to get a new filter. Everette tucked himself under the van to change the filter while the kids clambered over their dad’s legs to get out for some breakfast. We hadn’t eaten due to the torment of mosquitoes. But now with time on our hands our tummy growls were heard.

The filter was found to be very dirty although Everette changes it frequently (more than in Canada) but obviously not enough, or we’ve gotten some real nasty petrol recently. So maybe we have debris in the line? Still the van doesn’t start.

People are busy transporting others off and on to farms and into town for it’s still early morning. A few stop to see if they can help, and supposedly call a mechanico for us. But nobody shows.DSCF1001

We call Green Angels but they are a free roadside service for along the autopisto, where we aren’t. We are on a country road. The phone number they pass on to us doesn’t seem to work. We look on our Mexican auto insurance and that number doesn’t go thru.

8:30 Everette is prepping to hitch-hike (wallet, phone #’s and our waypoint) when a fellow pulls up and offers a ride to town to find a mechanico. They head to Ej El Cubilete. His name is Angel!!

9:10 (The) Angel returns alone. He pulls up, and as he approaches the van I hear “Hey Lady!”

He explains in Spanish that my husband is with the mechanic in Ej El Cubilete. and will return maybe in an hour or maybe another time, and that there isn’t a problem but he will be back soon. He finishes with a very firm handshake and another English phrase…

“God bless you, sister!”

9:15 Back at the mechanics the guys are scrounging around for a battery…for their own truck so they can come pick us up, suspecting a necessary towing.

9:25 Everette shows up with 3 men in a pickup truck to help. Some banging, a few tries at the ignition while somebody else’s head is under the hood, then we get hooked up with a chain and we are off, flashers on and the van in Neutral.

9:35 We roll/push into the auto shop, sufboards barely clearing the garage opening.DSCF1007

Here in Mexico you just drive over a pit where the guys jump below and work on the underside of your vehicle. Totally safe compared to jacking a vehicle up and climbing under that!! Everette figures the guys up north are too fat to climb under a vehicle. I don’t know….there’s an obesity problem down here, too, no doubt about that. But whatever the case, I think it’s a no-brainer safer the way the Mexicans do it down here.DSCF1012

Not everything is so ‘smart’ in a progressive/developed society.

They’ve determined it’s the fuel pump.

11: Its removed, taken apart, cleaned, new pump and hose installed and its put back in place.DSCF1013

11:05 It Starts! We all cheer!!

11:30 am Short on money, we follow

into town to find a bank machine to pay the extremely reasonable price of $1200MX. One hundred Canadian dollars for a tow, new fuel pump parts, escort to a bank machine in Guasave, and a papaya!! We owe him for his services, and Genaro pays us with a papaya!!

Genaro & Everette

Genaro & Everette

12:02pm we found the entrance to the highway and are headed north to San Carlos. We had toyed with hitting the Arizona border today, but that was just minutes before our pump stopped working. Now we embrace the day that lies ahead of us, another night under the Mexican skies, listening to the ocean crashing on the beach.

No hurry. No worries.


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