Las Glorias

One of the world’s biggest estuaries is located along the west coast of Mexico between Mazatlan and San Blas.   Our exit from the interior mountains around Lake Chapala dropped us immediately into the south end of the estuary, and our immediate goal was to Get Out Of There.

I was not going to subject myself (or my family, but I was mostly concerned about myself in this situation hahaha) to these beasties once again so we had to get an early start on our day to traverse this whole section before setting up camp.

We pulled out of our driveway by 6:15am still in the dark and hit heavy traffic around the south end of Guadalajara thru the north west and then we were free traveling past Tequila and dropped 1550m to the coast. Heading south we had taken mainly libre (free) highways, but heading north we are taking mostly cuotas (tolls). Less interesting but generally in better condition, straighter and thus quicker.

We covered 950km. With our air conditioner functioning the heat at the coast wasn’t bad until we sat in the van waiting for Everette at the bank, or getting a block of ice, or getting air in the tires. We traveled fast, and the kids traveled well. Snoozing, watching movies, getting back into the swing of Life on the Road after the pampering of hotel suites/apartment for 3 months plus a week. Lush life!

We were excited to get back on the road. Never sure of what lies ahead or just around the corner. What will it be like tonight when we set up camp?


Las Glorias

Las Glorias



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