Week in Review 27/4/14 with our Men Back

Laars drinks fresh warm goat milk that's been filtered but hasn't yet made it to the fridge.  Using a stainless steel straw.

Laars drinks fresh warm goat milk that’s been filtered but hasn’t yet made it to the fridge. Using a stainless steel straw.

Two whole months have passed and Everette & Mitchell finally returned this past week.  I managed to keep their return a surprise from all the kids other than Danaka, so if they awoke early Saturday morning and found Mom missing at least Danaka would know the real reason ‘Mom went to town to pick up something.”

Driving in the dark is never recommended in Mexico, but when your Loves return before 6am you go anyways.  But I was surprised at how many (manual) street sweepers were at work already, and numerous people walking to/waiting at bus stops in the dark.  Each successive town on my way to the Guadalajara aeropuerto was more and more alive.  The aeropuerto was hopping.

Thankfully the van is easy to spot, so I pulled over in the mayhem and waited for the guys to spot ‘Reggie’ and hop aboard.  Mmmmm, so nice to have them back.

We arrived back at our new apartment when it was still dark, and Danaka was inside the gates waiting anxiously.

Everette climbed into bed, and as we lie there talking, the children in our apartment started to wake.  Anders was the first to sheepishly walk into our bedroom and said, “Hi, Dad.”  He climbed in and cuddled with his Pa a few minutes before Gaelyn walked in.  She had heard people talking, and sleepily stood by her Dad’s side of the bed in the dark and said, “Whose there?”  Anders happily replied, “It’s Dad!” to which she responded, “What do you mean?”

Everette sits up in the bed, leaning towards her.  It registers, and she jumps on the bed excitedly and snuggles her face into his neck, and the tears of happiness and relief wash over her.  She lays on top of him, safe in his arms.  Anders still lies on his other side.

Then comes Toveli, also happy that Dad has finally returned, but more reserved….she’s almost a teen!  It takes only a little coaxing from Mom to get her to lie partly on top of me and lean into her Dad’s other side.  It’s only a double bed.  We lay in layers.

By the time Laars awakes kids are starting to bail and make space for him and Dad to tousle.  They go seek out their big brother who has shocked Maret upon her own awaking when she registers that Danaka is talking quietly with Mitchell.  “What the hell?!” she blurts out excitedly.

There’s lots of hugs and loves; chatter about all that has transpired while we were apart.

So what transpired this week?  Well, as glad as we were to be back together, Everette and I have argued more than our usual.  I suppose making up for lost time?  While he returned anxious to relax and enjoy Mexico again & Chapala/Ajijic in particular, I’ve been waiting 2 months for his return and am anxious to move on, and we are on a time limit since our van permit and most of our tourist visas expire in a few weeks.    So our agendas clashed.

Thankfully, with family discussion and a petition generated by our children we all ended up on the same page.  Majority rules.  We now have direction for the upcoming weeks.

Thankfully even in his frustration, Anders didn’t turn his catapult in my direction!

We all appreciated and enjoyed the BBQ up at the dog ranch.  And since then Maret has brought Katrina the pup down to our place to play some more, and Gaelyn has spent a few days up at the ranch volunteering in addition to the days of dog walking.  I had asked Gaelyn if there was something she would be disappointed about if we left Mexico without her having a chance to do it or go to a particular place.  Top of her list was to spend more time at the dog ranch, doing chores and helping out there with the dogs like Maret.  I said, “We can do that!” so we made that happen this week.

Water has actually been an issue at the apartments this week. One morning we awoke to no city water.  And the pump for the aljibe had been working overtime so it was shut off, and the aljibe was very low.  We conserved the water in the tinaco. When city water returned we used it to help recover water loss from the aljibe and we were all back in business.  Still trying to be mindful of this precious Earth’s resource collecting under our floor.

Pool at our apartment has been in terrible condition so we anxiously took up our friend Bob's offer to swim at his place in Chula Vista.  Crystal clean, it was a real treat.  Thanks, Bob!

Pool at our apartment has been in terrible condition so we anxiously took up Bob’s offer to swim at his place in Chula Vista. Crystal clean, it was a real treat. Thanks, Bob!



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