Man Hole in a Bedroom

That’s what it looks like.  And can you imagine the dreams and imaginings from our teen girls who sleep right beside this thing?


Down during the nights, the lid is up during the day as we have a garden hose delivering city water into the tank that lies below the suite.  You see, it isn’t anything to do with sewage, or run-off water.  It’s actually access to a water reservoir (I think its called a pila or aljibe) for the apartment complex we are currently staying at.  And since we are yet to be delivered by the rainy season (usually starts in June) things are running dry in this part of the city.  This neighbourhood tends to run dry so this is a means of keeping water available for the other apartment dwellers.

From the reservoir under our suite it is pumped up to three black holding tanks on the roof (called tinaco), where it is then gravity fed to the 7 apartments.



Not many teens can claim to have a man hole beside their bed.

One thought on “Man Hole in a Bedroom

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