Expenses in Mexico (video)


We have found this to be pretty much our story.  Spending time in Mexico has significantly lowered our expenses.  We live on about 1/3-1/2 what it cost our large family on Vancouver Island, BC. Of course, in the north we had a house to maintain and now we live in tents or rent cheap accommodations, so that cuts out a huge part of the expenses.  But our food is about 1/2 what we spent in Canada.  Housing and food are always our big family’s greatest expenses.  Food is King!

The months fluctuate, of course, but overall there is a huge difference.  For example, here in 2014 we spent $2,700Cdn in both Jan/Feb, and only $1,700 in March.  However, Everette and Mitchell have been gone since end of Feb and we don’t include the expenses for them to travel and work in BC.  We keep those expenses separate.

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