Week in Review 30/3/14 (What We’re Missing)

While some in the Northern Hemisphere are shoveling snow inspire of it being Springtime, or dealing with deadly mud slides in WA and earthquakes in SCal, here in Jalisco state of Mexiso we are dealing with rising temperatures, keeping our patio doors closed along with our curtains until well into the afternoon.  In Canada we would only have to do that manuevor for a week or two in the middle of summer.  I guess its a good problem to have now in March down here, but we might be croaking in a month or two!  We take dips in the pool most afternoons when the strongest rays are passed.  Days are about 30C, and mosquitoes are discovering our blood.  Some things we are thankful for, the others we just grin ‘n bear it.

We were taken by surprise with a short but heavy downpour of rain worth dancing in.  The flowers are blooming, trees are full of leaves (bare when we arrived here in January) and the rain left everything freshly washed.

We miss David and his family and can’t wait for them to return.  David teaches both English and soccer, and since we have the English down pat he’s willing to teach the kids some soccer skills when his family comes back.  That should be lots of fun.

What we aren’t missing is books.  Reading is a natural part of our family life, and I shared yesterday about my personal challenge to read on average 1 book a week for a year.  Are you a book reader too?

We are missing Everette and Mitchell terribly.  This is a long stint for them to be away, but we are so thankful that he has this business running to help fund our travels. (I updated Affording this Lifestyle this week)  We hope they’ll be back in a few more weeks, and they are anxious to warm up.  Talking with them on skype video we see them dressed in long sleeves (sometimes 2 layers) and full pants while they gaze at our sleeveless tops showing tans.

Can’t wait for the family to be together again.  The way it ought to be.

Colorado with the wild horses

Colorado with the wild horses 2013



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