One Book a Week

I read a blog post about a month ago about the practise of reading one book each week thru the year.  Yup, 52 annually.

I thought I read quite a few books in a year, but doubtful it came anywhere near that.

Already breaking into March it wasn’t a New Year’s Resolution but I made a personal commitment; a challenge to read at least 40 book pages daily

One of our kids would actually go to bed at night with a dictionary to read, to improve their vocabulary.

One of our kids would actually go to bed at night with a dictionary to read, to improve their vocabulary.

So far this is what I’ve covered, in about 4 weeks:

Foods That Fight Pain

The Origin of Satan (couldn’t get into it so I quit)

The Power and the Glory by Graham Green

One Good Dog by Susan Wilson

Prescription for Nutritional Healing (ok, huge book I browsed thru, took notes and returned to my healthy 92yo friend)

Hydrogen Peroxide Medical Miracle by William C Douglass

The Toop Ten Natural Cancer Cures No One is Talking About by Danica Collins

Soul Food by Jack Kornfield (that’s a slower read, more reflective, so I read it in small chunks)

Outsmart your Cancer by Tanyo Harter Pierce (my current read)

From the current book I'm reading to the kids, "Lew Wallace Boy Writer". (he eventually wrote 'Ben Hur')

From the current book I’m reading to the kids, “Lew Wallace Boy Writer” (he eventually wrote ‘Ben Hur’)

Because I read quite a bit aloud to the kids I’m counting those chapter books as books I read each week, too, though keeping them in a separate list to see how much I accomplish for my own pleasure (although I usually get plenty pleasure out of what I read the kids, too.  Like Suzanne Collins trilogy, oh my that was gripping.)

Amelia Earhart

Phillis Wheatley

William Henry Harrison  (all 3 from the Young Patriots Series)

 While traveling we try to limit the space committed to books since every inch inour van is considered prime real estate when it is also crammed with 9 family members.

We are transitioning somewhat to ebooks with 4 Kobo readers but I don’t see a future for us Johnsons (nor the world as a whole) without book jackets slipping off while we jostle for position and breathe in the sometimes musty smell of a beloved classic and Ol’Friend.

Tell me: Are you an avid book reader?  What are you currently reading?  How many books do you think you read in a month? In a year?

3 thoughts on “One Book a Week

    • I’m glad you told me! Enjoy.

      Yeah, there’s always been way more books I’m interested in reading than time would allow. But now I’m purposely making more time, making it a priority. Seems to be working for me, anyways.

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