Dancing in the Rain

Crazy weather all over the place.  I hear of those who are still utilizing their snowblowers, and hunkering in for nasty storms.  All while looking anxiously for Spring to arrive.  Spring Ahead Everette and Mitchell had to go back to Canada to work at the end of February, just in time for a few days’ dump of snow and they’ve had their fair share of rain since then, but that’s expected in the northwest.

Mitchell in BC

Mitchell in BC

The rest of the family is suffering it out in Mexico (haha) waiting for their return.  We swim, we wear shorts and sleeveless shirts.  We suck on ice cubes and sit out on the patio into the evening visiting with friends.  (somebody’s got to do it). But when the clouds roll in and decide to drop….Wow, that’s totally shocking.  It’s worth a dance!!  We all run outside to stand in those drops plopping on our heads, bouncing on the cobblestones, flipping dried grasses up as if it were hailing. I remember as a young girl my favourite perfume was simply called ‘Rain’.  A splash of blue made everything fresh again. A pleasurable scent. Welcomed.

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