Week in Review 23/3/14

A life of traveling isn’t anything like taking a vacation.  We have a lot of the same responsibilities we had back ‘home’ like laundry, errands, education, ‘house’work, shopping and getting meals on the table (or cooler, or picnic bench).  Sometimes there’s the doctor or dentist visits, too.  This week I shared about my own personal trip to a dentist here in Mexico.

As you know, our kids love being artistic.  We devout a fair amount of space in our traveling van to craft materials, from x-stitch and hand quilting to drawing books, watercolors, beading and calligraphy pens.  This week’s project required work on a TARDIS to cover a doorway, but when you put kids and paints together it usually leads to painting on skin.  And our kids tastefully did that.

New blood added to the tribe brought new toys and creative play.  Check out Captured!

The week ended with the much-anticipated Doctor Who party which turned out to be a hoot!  Memories created, new friends made…it’s been a successful week.

Gaelyn's silly moustache

Gaelyn’s silly moustache

I'm opinionated, friendly & chatty... I hope you are, too

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