(A Late) Week in Review 16/3/14

Bare minimum posting this week since I’m working off my htc phone, something totally new for me. I don’t use it for surfing or emails…Jeesh, I hardly use it as a phone!

But this week has changed my life.

Here I am posting on my blog via this little black box. Why?

Because not only one but both of our computer power cords have died. No matter how we handled or contorted the cords (& our bodies) to get a connection between wall & computer there was no juice for our batteries.

Panic rose in our children’s faces.

No Skype nor FB. OYAN & Chicken Smoothie forums postponed. No nightmare-making Supernatural to watch in the darkness, snuggled together for companionship in scariness.

But before it all went caputs I did manage to upload pics of this weeks highlight…Toveli’s 12th birthday, and about the absurd price of one of her favourite beverages, goat milk. 

I shared a kazillion pictures of us walking the dogs at the dog ranch, but I encouraged Maret to take it a bit further and spend more time there.  So now Maret is volunteering there about 5 hours 3 days a week…and LOVING it!!  It is the highlight of her week, knowing the comings and goings of the dogs, learning about their temperaments.  It of course isn’t glamourous work but she’s a hard worker and enjoys being with the canines, caressing them and talking gently to them, knowing they are getting much needed care compared to their survival on the streets or the abuse many of them seem to have suffered with previously.  She may wash almost-endless dog bowls, help wash dogs themselves in prep for Adoption Days, shovel out poop, or whatever is needed for the day.  Then totally exhausted she arrives home and after a quick late-lunch she crashes on the futon content with her day.

Danaka says "This is the closest I've come to having a Light Bulb Moment!"

Danaka says “This is the closest I’ve come to having a Light Bulb Moment!”

I wrote the above post on Sunday but I wasn’t able to Publish my post on my htc phone for some reason.  So now, finally today, we have a borrowed taped-together power cord to juice up our computers and we are now Back in Service!

You’ll be seeing more of us again!


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