Good Happiness Turns 12

Toveli means “Good Happiness” and today she turned a whopping 12 years old.  She can hardly believe it herself!!

She didn’t have any ideas of how she wanted to spend it, so we took it upon ourselves to plan the day out for her. DSCF1479

So she woke up to the morning newspaper delivered outside the (bathroom) door where she spotted a coupon good for Today Only!  and she was off with her mom (that’s me!) for a coffee drink and muffin.DSCF1485

Tuesdays are normally our Dog Rescue days and she was still wanting to do that so off we went to pick a new dog for the day.  ‘Pirate’ was new and Toveli and him had a great time running around and cuddling.DSCF1490

Nearing lunch time we headed home for a surprise lunch of spaghetti, something we haven’t had in a very long time.  Simple can still be fantastic, and her smiles showed that.  While the kids were waiting for the pasta to boil that played in the sprinklers and played with the soccer ball and burned off some of the energy they were storing up.

DSCF1508After lunch Gaelyn had organized a treasure hunt which ended with a treasure of ice cream in the freezer and a stash of toppings for us to make Not-Quite-Banana-Splits to our own liking.  Tov loves sprinkles, so that was the crowning glory on her sundae.DSCF1519

To burn off some of that sugar we had a pool party, goggles and snorkels and whatever was their fancy.  Then a lull before a night of watching Thor on the big screen with bowls of popcorn.  Such a fun filled giggly birthday celebration full of Good Happiness.

The way each day should be!DSCF1522


3 thoughts on “Good Happiness Turns 12

  1. Happy Birthday Toveli It sounds like you had a wonderful day.

    I wish I could of spent it with you, maybe next year when you turn to be a teenager.

    I have been having fun with Mitchell playing games, he wins most of them.

    Lots of love Grandma

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