Simplicity of My Traveller’s Purse

Tourists simply look like tourists, walking targets for theft and scams.  Doesn’t matter what country you are in somebody with less-than-noble intentions may set their sights on an easy target, somebody stumbling along the streets unsure of where they are going with camera in hand, money in their pockets and likely some credit cards.

Pick-pocketers are in every country, in every city.  Don’t be fooled, their in yours, too.  All of us are vulnerable, even when we aren’t tourists.  The more easily available your ‘stuff’ is the bigger target you become.

So whenever you are out and about its best to keep your valuables out of sight, close to your body and the less you have the less you risk losing.

I have always loved my faux-leather back-pack purse I’ve had for years.  It enabled me to have it out of the way on my back and leave my hands and arms free for my children and the endless groceries a large family needs.  It was a super purchase I brought to Mexico with me.  I could carry plenty in it for our excursions: water bottle, lip balms, camera, cell phones, a little book, my real wallet and a fake one to present if I was being robbed, sanitary items, a disposable diaper.  But it made my back hot in the constant sun and I always had to remove it to access my money.  Now that the kids are older I carry less (no need for a diaper, thanks).

I purchased this little bag at Barra de Navidad in the weekly market and love the simplicity of it.  I wear it across my chest, with the pouch just above my right hip towards my front.

Everette likes it too, and I am under threat of losing it!  If I find another one I like maybe I'll pass the used one on to hubby!

Everette likes it too, and I am under threat of losing it! If I find another one I like maybe I’ll pass the used one on to hubby!

It’s been working great for me, and what I like the best about it…I don’t have to take it off to access stuff, and I can even keep it on when I get buckled in the van!  No way with my backpackish purse.

I can no longer carry a water bottle in my purse but there’s plenty of kids to do that!  After all it’s usually them that are complaining of being thirsty so let them carry it, I say.

Here’s the simplicity of what I carry in my purse:DSCF1461

From top clockwise:

Medicated lip balm especially for our kids who get cold sores.  Not usually applied unless we are spending quite a bit of time in the sun or winds, or a sore is already developing.

Arnica tablets, great for the inevitable tumbles, bruises, bumped heads, stubbed toes, over exerted muscles.  Pop a couple pellets under the tongue and be amazed at the limited injury and quick healing.

Keys: to the van, our keyed gas-tank cap, and my moms condo in Canada (why am I still carrying her keys around, I don’t know.  Maybe so I won’t put them somewhere ‘safe’ and then lose them?)

Raccoon change purse.

Wallet: expired Visa, grocery store cards, Airmiles.  My driver’s license is not kept on my body.  My “personal identification” (actually, just a husband to contact, no personal info) would be via my cell phone which is sometimes kept in my little bag or else in my back pocket when we are out-n-about.  At ‘home’ its on a table.  While in the van its on a magnet attached to the dash.

I limit my cash in my wallet.  Most of my cash is in my front pocket, difficult for anybody to access.

I limit my cash in my wallet. Most of my cash is in my front pocket, difficult for anybody to access.

Ziploc bag with some essentials…toilet paper (don’t leave home without it), digestive enzymes, a bandaid, my hidden debit cards.

Ziploc to keep things clean and to hide my debit card.

Ziploc to keep things clean and to hide my debit cards.

In a tight fix I can put the camera in my purse, too, but it isn’t a regular.  And only if my phone isn’t in there.  It can also fit in a pocket, or be on somebody’s wrist.

So, that’s the simplicity of my purse.  How about yours?

5 thoughts on “Simplicity of My Traveller’s Purse

  1. I always clean out my wallet before I travel, and take only what I need. I have always carried a small wallet and keep it in my front pocket, even when I’m not travelling. I just bought a leather bag for our next trip that fits across the back or the chest like a holster. When travelling I also use an aluminum wallet for debit and credit cards. Apparently they are safe from scanners.

    • Great ideas, David, and I know you are well experienced in the travel part of life, lucky guy.

      Its a little different when we are ‘living’ travelling, rather than just cleaning out for a 2 or 3 week stint. It can be challenging to keep things to a minimum all the time.

      Ev always keeps his money in his front pocket, without a wallet.

      So, where’s your next trip too? Why don’t you come visit us? We’d love to have you and Linda.

      • We’re heading for London and Paris this year. Shane and Melanie are living in London, so it’s a good chance to visit and see something new. Maybe one day we’ll head your way.

      • I thought you might be going to England. I realized Shane wasn’t in Australia anymore when he started commenting about Shakespeare!

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