Leather Stools

I’ve been meaning to share these cool finds from our time at Barra de Navidad with my mom and my sister, Joanne.  Visiting the weekly market was one of the few things we actually did the week they visited and our family was sick in bed.  But in the few hours we shopped the Farmer’s Market of course we all spent money!  Isn’t that what one is supposed to do when visiting a foreign country?

Well, we really try to not spend and collect stuff.  Its helpful to remember that there are 9 of us in a 15-passenger van.  No trailer.  No room.  We don’t need Stuff.

But we were on the search for chairs of some sort for when we are camping: somewhere to rest our weary butts.  The camp seats we’ve had have done their fair share while baking in the intense tropical sun.  Now they are tempted to drop our butts thru to the ground. We are down from five to only two left.

So this is what we found at the market.stool

Thick leather dyed with a pattern stamped into it.  Mayan.  Aztec.  Other styles I don’t recall.  Made by a family in Colima.

Three sleeves on the backside of each corner where any type of post can be inserted.  They came with posts that are similar to bamboo, but I don’t recall what type of wood they actually are.  For traveling, the posts come out to stack with each other, and all the leather lays flat in another corner of no-space.

Joanne and Mom each bought us one, and we bought two additional ones.  They are comfortable, and we think they will last for many years to come.


Each completely unique….like the butts that will stratal them.stools 2

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