El Pajarete…Fresh From the Utter

Adele in Melaque was the first to tell us about a Milking: a mug of fresh, warm cow’s milk with some chocolate powder mix and tequila.

And from then on we occasionally noticed  a cow tethered near the roadside, surrounded by men with their coffee mugs first thing in the morning.  We wondered if that’s what they were doing.  Getting an early start on the benefits of Tequila.

Turns out, that’s exactly what they are doing.  For many, they are trying to avoid the nasty effects of last-nights over-indulgence approaching in today’s hangover.

Everette was invited to a goat milking at a nearby farm one evening with several guys from the Perico Hotel where we are staying.  It’s basically the same thing but with goat’s milk rather than cow’s milk.

Nice and frothy, milking straight into our Grand Canyon mug.

Some of The Guys

Some of The Guys

Everette enjoyed his own cupful with coffee and tequila, and brought one home for the rest of us to try.

Not sure who drank it up, but it certainly disappeared.  I swear, it wasn’t me.  Remember, I don’t like tequila.

See The Beet Goes On for more on El Pajarete.

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