Valentine’s and a Week in Review 16/01/14

me (heart) gustasSquashed between my birthday and Anders (coming up next week) we were able to celebrate Gaelyn’s Golden Birthday which was likely the highlight of her entire last year.  She had such a hoot she talked about it for days.

Being in the Jocotepec area of Mexico allows us the delectable pleasure of indulging in berries of all kinds.  Driscoll that is seen in stores all over North America has farmers growing for them all over this part of Mexico where it’s spring-like all year.  We have been scouting out where to purchase the jewels for the best price.  We found some, and a quaint non-Mexican-looking town of Mazamitlan.

I shared some photos of our newest ‘home’ where we’ve unpacked most of our van and crammed it into a small space for a large family of 9.  But we like being ‘settled’ for awhile and you can have a peek at it here.

And finally, though I didn’t post about it, some call it Valentine’s Day but Everette and I call it our anniversary, celebrating 28 years together in Wedded Bliss.  Well, that’s what they call it, any ways, though we’ve had our share of I-hate-you-at-this-moment times.  But, we’re still friends and lovers, so we must be doing enough things right.

I hope you’ve learned to Love on more than just a Red Day on a calendar.  We don’t need more chocolates, or wine, or dinners out.  We could each do with putting Love into Action all the other days of the year.  So, here’s to another year of Lovin’.

Hubby & I

Hubby & I

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