Updates and Week in Review 09/02/14

Things pile up when I can’t access internet, and that’s what happened when we went east to spend a week with our daughter, Layne.  So this weeks been a bit of a catch up on some of the sight-seeing we did in the previous week+.  But I think things are back to normal, whatever that really means for an abnormal large family of 9 without a home and traveling slow-long term.  Oh, right, normal is only a setting on the dryer.  (That means, none of us are normal, including you!!!)

Birthday season is upon us.  Having 11 in our family, people often comment that we must have about one birthday a month.  Oh, that would have taken some family planning (pun intended).  No, we are more Life on the Whim.  So we take what we got, and that’s a whole lot of winter babies.  Along with us parents being winter babies it means we gain a lot of weight eating birthday cakes between Nov 26th and March 11th when we celebrate 8 birthdays and our Anniversary.

We recently had Maret turning 14, I turned my final-before-half-century, and tomorrow is Gaelyn’s Golden Birthday.  Maret’s birthday was supposed to culminate in her sister’s arrival but that didn’t happen as planned.  Her sister arrived the next day.

**** I uploaded a map that might help orientate you as to where some of our recent travels took us.  This is all east of Guadalajara but before reaching Mexico City.

And then the real sightseeing began.  Monarch butterflies wintering here in Mexico was a sight to see.  Highly recommended though obviously seasonal.  You have to time it between December and end of February as in March they mate and are heading north.

Patzcuaro area is world-renown for its artisans in outlaying communities, and our artsy family thoroughly enjoyed it.  Furniture building.  Wooden face masks. Copper works.  Guitar makers.   We couldn’t see it all.  But we did fit in a trip to Isla Janitzio that we saw featured in much of the local paintings, statue at the crest stretching  skyward.

A day trip into Morelia to meet our friends, a stint in a cemetery and a fight with a tent rounded out Layne’s visit and completes our last 2 weeks of updates.

Here’s a video of Toveli in demand of more spiders to be collected; a gift they were making for Layne.  They wrapped paper around the Corona bottle so she couldn’t see what was in it immediately.  Nasty siblings….Layne abhors spiders.

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