Strawberry Kisses

We bought 2 big baskets of strawberries on the side of the highway for 180 pesos (less than $14)  and gobbled them up over supper and the next days breakfast.  But while I was cleaning and slicing I saw the perfect bottom of a strawberry.


Gaelyn with Strawberry Lips

Gaelyn with Strawberry Lips


2 thoughts on “Strawberry Kisses

  1. Love those strawberry lips! And a wonderful photo!
    Hey are you getting my posts? Don’t know, but still like “staying in touch” with you all through your blog!

    • You should be able to “subscribe to comments” when you leave a comment and see if there are any replies.
      I’ve sent you a private email.

      I love receiving your comments, Leslie, and we’d love for you and Jim to visit us elsewhere in Mexico. Maybe you’ll find another deal sometime and we might be in the area!! Never know.

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