Maret’s 14th Around Morelia

We’ve had a busy week with birthdays and travel and our eldest daughter visiting from Canada, while we also had pathetic internet connection.  So, I’m trying to catch up on some of my journaling, uploading pics.  Please excuse multiple postings for the next few days as I try and catch up.

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

We had to Eeny-Meeny-Miney-Mo pick which airport to have our eldest daughter, Layne, fly into from Canada while we were still sick and tired down on the coast.

We chose Morelia and so it was set in stone when she booked her flights, and we headed up from San Juan de Alima into the mountains.

From Lake Chapala we headed east on the autopista, a toll highway most of the way to Zinapecauro just south of Laguna del Cuitzeo where we found a quiet and empty water park to put our tents up at.  Atzimba.  No water sports for us.  It’s much cooler up here in the mountains at 6,200 ft and no desire to freeze our tootsies in the cold water.

We were headed into Morelia to scout it out a bit before picking Layne up at the airport and celebrating Maret’s 14th birthday when we received an email that Layne’s flight was cancelled.  She would arrive the following day after hanging at the Houston airport for 24 extra hours!

We walked around Morelia, a beautiful colonial town with several cathedrals, plazas, and a buzz with university students.  You can still view hundreds of arches of the aqueduct that used to service the city.

The aqueduct.

The aqueduct.


in the Historic Center

in the Historic Center

Maret picked pizza for her birthday meal (not surprising) so we finally found a Pizzeria and ate to our hearts content, then headed back out of the city, picked up a beautiful cake (pastel) and devoured that, too.

Birthday girl at the Pizzaria

Birthday girl at the Pizzaria

Disappointed that we didn’t have Layne with us, we went back to camp for One More Sleep.


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