Week in Review 26/1/14

For those that are curious of where we’ve traveled on mainland Mexico you can check out the map I’ve marked and copied of our trail down the coast.  I only marked thus far to Barra de Navidad where we spent New Years.  I’ll post a different map/picture later of our in-land travels.

Along the coast we spent nearly a week getting re-vitalized at the quiet beach of San Juan de Alima in Michoacan,  about a 40 minute drive south of Tecoman.  This is were we watched the harvesting of Coconuts.

When headed inland to Colima where we skirted the Venting Volcano, and on to Chapala where we’ve decided to unpack and stay a while.

Have you ever been to Mexico?  If so, where is your favourite place?  Do you like the mountains, the coast, the desert?  Do tell!

yellow fleur

2 thoughts on “Week in Review 26/1/14

  1. Hey I was wondering if you are getting my Emails as you don’t seem to answer my questions.

    Let me know Mom

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    • If you are wanting to recieve my reply to your comments, you can Subscribe for notification below where you type your comment. Otherwise, I have privately emailed you. If you aren’t receiving anything, check your trash or spam box, Mom. Also, be aware that as I mentioned in reply to Barry’s email from your account, when we are traveling & sometimes even when we aren’t, we have terrible internet connection so I can’t post anything or reply to emails. Sorry, but that’s just part of the experience of traveling down here.

      I’ll copy and send this to your private email. Hopefully you’ll see one or the other!

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