Chapala Holds On

Packed up from a treat-of-a-night at Mar Chapalico we stopped at Black Coffee Gallery in San Antonia tucked between Ajijac and Chapala before our planned destination of Mazamitlan.  We never made it.

We ordered a coffee and a chai to go but started talking to Bob and that was the changing point of the day.  Of the week.  Gosh, likely for the next few months!!

Bob invited us to sit down and chat for ‘five minutes’ which turned into almost an hour, followed by a drive up to his house, an explanation of a business he ran out of Houston and now here Lakeside. Everette & Bob

Everette & Bob
Gorgeous view from Bob's incredible house.

Gorgeous view from Bob’s incredible house.

Time was then after noon so Bob suggested a motel to camp at for the night.  But when we checked it out we decided to rent 2 adjoining rooms until the end of March and call this ‘Home’ for awhile.  We’ll then have opportunity to check out the Lakeside communities better and see why so many expats live here year round.

Have you done an About Face Turn recently?  How did it turn out?

5 thoughts on “Chapala Holds On

  1. Good morning hope all is well at your tent. I need to get a map of Mexico so I can see were you are. I have no idea were CHAPALA is.

    Joanne and Kevin left yesterday what a lonely feeling. It will be a long trip for Kevin I didn’t think he looked good but he said he was fine and glad to get away from this cold weather.

    I guess you are expecting Layne some time next week.

    Love Mom

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    • Hello, Mom. You can see a map (though smallish) with the route we’ve taken marked on it. GIves you the idea of where abouts we are, especially since you previously thought we were on the Yucatan!

      I’ll post a newer map soon under our Current Location (top of the page), but for now suffice to say we are inland on the big lake to the northeast of where you and Joanne came to visit us.

      Long journey for Jo & Kevin, yes, but they so want to be back there. To NOT go is too stressful for them. I’m very happy for them.

      Layne arrives on Tuesday. We are soooo looking forward to it.

      Love you, Mom.

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