So many expats live around Lake Chapala with its year-round spring-like weather we wanted to check it out.  We thought we’d drive in Sunday late-afternoon and pull out Monday morning.  But it didn’t happen.DSCF1002

Sundays in Mexico are days for being with the family, and many people hit the streets, the beaches, the street side restaurants.  So as we drove thru Ajijac and Chapala it was crazy-like busy with traffic jams and street side car washes, crammed picnic benches, bodies sleeping on the park grass along the malecon, and hustlers tempting us to come to ‘their’ beachside restaurant.

Not the best time to evaluate a town.

Mar Chapalico

Mar Chapalico

Using the Church’s Mexican Camping book we attempted to find the only RV park in town and rang a green copper bell above an intimidating gate to ask about a place to set up tents and discovered Mar Chapalico where we booked the family a room for one night.  King-size bed for Mom and Dad ….and the kids are excited to camp on the floor.  Artistic flair everywhere you look. DSCF1006

Hugo, the owner, was in a rock climbing competition so Everette took Mitch and Anders to check it out while I worked on blog posts and emails.  The kids watched Disney channel in Spanish and Doctor Who on the iPad.  There’s hot showers for whoever wants to delight in the sensation.  This is a taste of comfort.

Little competitor

Little competitor



Anders climbing
Anders climbing


4 thoughts on “Chapala

  1. Karen, that’s where we used to live! Did you guys notice a designy-looking house on the property….inside the main gate and right across from the front door? That was our house. We used to drink beers on the mirador and watch Hugo hunting (rats maybe?) on his property with a rifle. Good times. 🙂

    • Yes, we saw the house. And now we are at the same hotel you stayed at for months? All without even meeting you guys. Yet. Till later today. Maybe you can inform us of where we’ll be going next (haha) since you seem one step ahead of us!

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