Volcan de Fuego Venting

Is it crazy to seek out an active volcano?  We can’t climb up to it, but we can be in its shadow (sort of, around the bend) and that’s what we did.

We climbed elevation from sea level at San Juan de Alima to 1,248m (4,093ft) where we camped at Laguna La Maria past the city of Colima.

A walk down to the Laguna in the evening we enjoyed the sky-pinks reflecting off the water as we walked under massive towering trees.  We met 3 male cousins who bragged about their city and state, both called Colima.  We could see so much natural beauty here, no wonder they are proud.  Sometimes it was easy to image we were back in British Columbia.

We spent only one evening at Laguna La Maria and then we started to curve our way up and down along the mountainous highway towards Guadalajara.  We got good views of the twin volcanoes.  The dormant one they call Volcan Nevado, of snow.  The active one is Volcan de Fuego, of Fire.

Volcan de Fuego

Volcan de Fuego

We thought it was cool to be so close to an active volcano, imaging sometime looking up to the crest and seeing the orange glow of lava sliding down its edges.

Then Mitchell said casually “Look at the mountain.”  We glanced again, for the umpteenth time….

Volcan de Fuego

Volcan de Fuego venting, with Nevado to the right and behind. 

Laguna La Maria (paid camping)    N  19.45858   W  103.70556

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