San Juan de Alima

Gorgeous beach we enjoyed for a few days. Almost the whole week, actually.  We didn’t want to leave but we have our eldest daughter coming to visit us in just over a week so we had to move in the direction of the airport where we’ll meet her.  So we could only play here for so long.


Its been especially nice on the tail of the dark apartment we camped out at in Barra de Navidad which became contaminated not only with our family’s illness (we were fighting both a bacterium and a virus…some people ended up experiencing both) but before we left it also had sewage backing up in our shower.  Yuck yuck

I was SO happy to get out of there.

sunrise wall

Now we are playing in the waves for most of the day and the salt water seems to be detoxing us, drying out our mucous chests and nasal passages.  Ridding us of dis-ease.

Anders and Toveli

Anders and Toveli

Danaka, Toveli & Maret

Danaka, Toveli & Maret

It's shallow a long ways out.

It’s shallow a long ways out.

Fine sand.  Shallow a long ways out.  We jump the waves, dive under crests, swallow a little more salt water than our diet suggests.  Kids and their dad attempt to surf.  Sometimes they even get up on their feet!  It’s amazing….but can’t get a close enough picture to show their beaming faces as their family members cheer above the roaring surf.

Sea and Sun is Doctor Recommended.  Good for the Health.

Michael on his machine

Michael on his machine

Michael stopped by most evenings to chat.  He told us tidbits of his 50+ yrs of surfing experience, of the beauty in the Colima area (where we are heading next), of hot spots to hit or avoid in Mexico for various reasons, and why he loves it here at San Juan de Alima.  I understand.

Michael's 'surf shack' up on the hill with a gorgeous view.  I'm jealous.

Michael’s ‘surf shack’ up on the hill with a gorgeous view. I’m jealous.

Sunset from our beach

Sunset from our beach


Boondocking Free Camping  N  18.59238   W  103.69321

6 thoughts on “San Juan de Alima

    • San Juan de Alima is south of Tecoman, in Michoacan State. Just a little quite town. There were quite a few resorts/hotels but almost completely empty. Michael said they fill up on the holidays, the rest of the time its lazy quiet.

      We didn’t utilize the beach at Barra much at all, not even for surfing since we were really too sick for that sort of thing. Other than playing in the waves a bit at Melaque we didn’t go in the ocean much in the La Manzanilla-to-Manzanillo stretch of the Pacific.

  1. Hello all, glad you have recovered. I am in Guatemala now. Jeff stayed in Colorado to ski. I’ll head back on Friday and then we will head back to Mexico . It’s fun following your adventures. Love to all, Marlayna

    • Would you believe, Marlayana, I was actually thinking about you in Guatemala just this morning? I read a funny from International Living about a girl and her mishaps while learning Spanish, and was wondering how you made out.

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