Week in Review 19/1/14

Finally, with a sweet reminder from Rauchelle at Simple Adventure, I updated our current location to the country we are presently in and the area we’re currently checking out.

I’ve also updated about our Family Read-Aloud Book and I’ve added some of my favourite quotes from it.  You can find that on the right-hand side of the page.

We were without internet, boondocking on a beach south of Tecoman for much of this week, so I wasn’t able to post until today.  Excuse me for trying to catch up with so many posts in such a short period of time.

Seems like this week was mostly about food, from the Carniceria to the making of Churros and Scrambled Eggs.  But in camp it was also about losing teeth!  Last night Laars lost not only his first tooth, but his second one just a few minutes later.  And tonight Toveli has lost a molar.  I hope we don’t all start losing our teeth, or next week we’ll all be gumming our meals!

Laars' very loose first tooth.

Laars’ very loose first tooth.

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