Food is always on the days To Do List for a large traveling family.  We can’t store lots so it seems every day finds us shopping for food.meat hung

You don’t just show up at a grocery store and expect to be able to purchase all of your groceries there.  You shop the panaderia for breads,  the pasteleria for cakes,  the tortilleria for maize (corn) and possibly wheat tortillas thought more often then not you get them at the Mini Super Mercado where you also find canned goods,  dairy, detergents, etc.  Produce is found in mercados also, but usually quite limited.

You’ll get good produce usually at road side vendors.  Better yet, if you see a truck anywhere with a load of pineapple or coconut or produce of any kind you can assume they are selling.fruta

Everette enjoys his visits to the little shops as he does a lot of the grocery shopping for the family, with or without me.  In Barra de Navidad he made a few stops at the carniceria where, as you’ll see, he even got to help with the pig intestines!

Everette helps deep-fry pig intestines.

Everette helps deep-fry pig intestines.

pig intestines deep-fried

pig intestines deep-fried

Everette says the deep-fried pig intestines taste like un-smoked pork.  I think it tastes like grease.  He likes it.  I don’t.

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