Noisy Birthday Mornings

Everette's 55th, celebrating with a black coffee.

Everette’s 55th, celebrating with a black coffee.

Yesterday was Everette’s birthday but it didn’t seem like it….by any stretch of the imagination.  With the family having been sick most of 2 weeks and him teetering on the edge of it he was zapped of energy and nobody was needing an injection of sugar.

Mom and Joanne (my sister) left in the afternoon so before that we spent the morning with them, just us 4 adults out for breakfast.  But Mom was the only one who ate a breakfast.  Nice, anyways, to sit quietly with a drink and share our last hours together, then stopped off at camp for the kids to say Goodbye to their Grandma and Aunt Jo.

Everette with my Mom and sister Joanne

Everette with my Mom and sister Joanne

After dropping them off at the airport Everette, Danaka and I continued into Manzanillo for some shopping as Mitchell’s tent is on its last leg, and there’s always some odd-ball things we need to pick up in a larger center.  On our way out of the city we stopped to see Gloria at her road stand, a huge smile glowing on her face when she identified our van as we pulled up.

She sang some song for Everette I suppose was for his birthday but we didn’t identify any form of “Feliz Compli Anos” or whatever it is they say for Happy Birthday.  We told her we were heading south the next day and will honk and wave as we pass by.  Sadly, her husband Francisco wasn’t there.

Everette got home and went to bed.  No party.  No celebration.  Fairly quiet.  Just another year older.

For others their birthdays start out with a racket!!

Many mornings we awaken to drums in the distance and the sounds of a marching band.  Always curious, Everette got himself up out of bed one morning last week to find out what the purpose was and discovered himself at a Birthday celebration.  This was for Mama who is sitting in the doorway with her mother, looking somewhat disinterested, but nonetheless this was a way for her family to honour her on her Birthday.

The Birthday Band

The Birthday Band

5 thoughts on “Noisy Birthday Mornings

  1. arrived home safe. Had a wonderful time with you all. It was good to see everyone. Maybe next time no one will be sick when I visit

  2. Wonderful to read your blog posts and glad you are having fun and growing. We miss you guys – please give all the kids a hug from me— I mean it– go over to each one and hug them hard and tell them it’s from Rob.

    • Great to hear from you, Rob. I will give them each a bear hug from you!! I read this to them while we drove, and they all smiled. But I had to wait until we stopped for the day to pass on the hugs.

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