Week in Review 12/1/14 & Happy Birthday Everette

Quiet around here except for the hacking, the nose-blowing, the wrenching.  Not a fun week, and the only week I’ve seen my Mom and only Sister in more than a year.  But sometimes that’s just the way life pans out.

Mom and Joanne have been great about it.  Just hopeful they don’t get sick themselves.

So all I’ve posted this week is about our day trip to see the Crocodiles which was a good day.  Oh, and the fact that we are sick, which you already know now.

I also posted a page about Mitchell’s boat building.  Early models he designed and built, and then the real deal of Girlfriend.  All the posts are listed in one place if you want to see the progress and growth of this young man.

Here’s to hoping the next week is a heck of a lot better.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to my awesome husband, Everette.  He’s a huge part of living this lifestyle, making it happen.  Part of The Dream.

Handsome husband

Handsome husband

One thought on “Week in Review 12/1/14 & Happy Birthday Everette

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