Crocodiles & Shaved Ice

We drove back up to La Manzanilla with Mom and Joanne to walk around town and go see the crocodiles.  Very impressed that it only cost 90 pesos for 11 of us.  It nearly breaks the bank for us to take our large family to any sort of museum or wildlife reserve or anything resembling educational.  Doubly thankful that Mom footed the bill.

Yours Truly

Yours Truly

We may think we don’t have any preconceived ideas about a subject matter until suddenly we are faced with conflicting information.  I would say that I knew that reptiles grow slowly, but when I discovered that an eight-year-old female was only a few feet long I admit it didn’t quite compute in my little brain.

The crocodile I’m holding was about one and a half years old.

Town was quiet I suppose since it was Sunday morning and many were in the church where we could here them singing.  We sat in the town square in the shade of the trees as we wilted slightly with high humidity.

I decided it was a perfect day to try out the shaved ice at the vendor in front of us.  I watched her process the solo order ahead of me then asked her to explain what the different sauces were.  When I announced that we would want tres (three large cupfuls) she panicked knowing her measly block of ice wouldn’t suffice.  She told us to wait ‘un momento’ as she jumped on her bicycle and disappeared around the corner.  A few minutes later she pedalled back, her forehead dripping with sweat. I thought she had failed at her mission, until a car pulled up and she lunged for the trunk where she pulled out a fresh block of ice in a bag.

The topping options (that we understood) were things like pineapple, coconut, pecan, strawberry.  We asked about the others and ended up trying salsa de mora (blackberry) and jamaica which is from a flower, along with pineapple.  Cheap treats for 15 pesos each.

Salsa de Mora

Salsa de Mora

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