Desperate In Barra

We were gone for a few hours today, sight seeing in La Manzanilla.  It probably happened during our absence.

But it wasn’t until Mitchell was heading to bed tonight that he discovered it.

He approached his tent and found the tent zipper open.  Sometimes that happened with he shared a tent with Anders.  Or on the odd occasion Mitchell would forget to close it himself because he has some thing else on his mind.

But as soon as he looked inside he knew something was amiss.

His backpack was emptied, strewn across his pup tent.  Every zipper had been opened.  His snake skin belt was still there as was his leather journal cover.  Nothing seemed to be missing.  He confirmed with his family that nobody had gone into his tent today.

He packed up his stuff, bothered by the violation of his space and his possessions.  Nothing valuable was missing for which he was thankful.  Oh, right, he doesn’t really have anything valuable!!

But after packing up his items  he realized….he didn’t put any of his underwear away.

Somebody has stolen at least 3 pairs of Mitchell’s underwear!!

For Desperate People

For Desperate People

7 thoughts on “Desperate In Barra

  1. LOL! Oh poor Mitchell! Of all the things for him to have stolen! That’s just funny!

    BTW, a girl (who is a semi-regular customer) came in to work today and asked “Is your family traveling in Mexico?” I said they were. “Oh good! I was just down there and on my last day they camped by me and said that I HAD to find you and say hi! I decided to make it my mission to find you!” I don’t know what her name is, but she said she told you guys to spend a couple days in whatever town it was that you all were camping at.

    I love you guys!

    • Her name is Heather. I actually suggested she take one of our bookmarks we hand out with our family/contact info on it and take it to you when she goes in. Thought you’d find it funny that she had it in hand. She said she goes to the coffee shop about 3x a week when she’s out visiting her boyfriend.

      We left later that day for a cheaper place but actually went back there today with Mom and Aunt Jo, saw the crocs. Posting about that tomorrow.

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