Feliz Anos Nuevo Amigos!!

An entire year has gone by, all of 2013 and I along with 6 of the kids have not set foot in our home country.  It’s a bit shocking to me.  But that also means I haven’t seen extended family in all that time, either.  So I was excited to discover that my mom and my sister will be coming in less than a week for about 10 days, and the end of January will bring our eldest daughter, Layne, for a visit.  This is also our Birthday Season where the majority of our family birthdays fall with a strong concentration from Jan 12-Feb 19.  Excitement seems to be building already.

There are a few Mexican families staying in the Sea Horse Apartments and their children find our kids fascinating.  They sit in the dark under the palapa at night giggling.  The girls have a crush on Mitchell with his curly blonde hair.  They quiz Gaelyn about her big brother and we hear our son’s name accentuate their Spanish conversation.  I like the slight emphasis on the first syllable Mee’ chl.

Spaish Dictionary Acuerdo

On our way to bed last night Everette and I stop and interact with the group of teens and pre-teens.  We introduce ourselves and they likewise.  The eldest boy speaks decent English so he translates (whether accurately or mischievously we don’t know) for the young girls who giggle and slap him and ask him to pass on messages.  How the one girl dreams of Mitchell, oh Mitchell!! 


Tonight the group of kids are out again but this time one of the girls has roped a young boy into writing/reading notes in English, requesting that Maret allow her to have her picture taken alongside of her!  Maret agrees, and it’s only moments later when we see the inevitable…a request to have their pictures taken with Mitchell! 

The sister is a means to the guy!!

Soon all the kids are playing Frisbee, and tag, and trying to learn each other’s language.  “We’re having so much fun!!” I hear several of our kids report.  Gaelyn announces “There’s plans for Spanish lessons tomorrow.”  I hear lessons tonight on making fart sounds with ones (facial) cheeks.  More giggles.  Firecrackers pierce the night.

Even while the rain continues to fall there is talk of fireworks and the malecon and invites for our teen kids to join them for Feliz Anos Nuevo (Happy New Year) celebrations.  What will become of that as the night wears on, I don’t know.  Who cares.  For now they are having a great time.

It’s just after 9 pm and with no juke boxes in sight somebody has turned on their truck stereo cranked to the max and opened the doors.  This is the way it is done on the beaches all year long. 

I’m afraid it’s going to be another l-o-n-g night for this aging woman.  I think I’ll just get into the champagne and the sweets early, stuff in the ear plugs and hope for the best.

Feliz Anos Nuevo Amigos!!


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