Week in Review 29/12/13

There are so many opportunities that we overlook, times when we could meet fascinating people, learn interesting trades, view incredible scenery.  It’s far too easy to stay on track, get to our goal, not pay attention to where we really are.  And our tendency is to fret and complain when things don’t seem to pan out the way we had planned.

I’m glad Everette saw the brick maker and stopped to check him out.  I’m glad he took the slower backroad out of town that ended at a quiet beach for us to camp at.  And glad we took Laars’ lead to see the thirsty bats drinking from the pool in Puerta Vallarta.

Our move further up the beach in Kino Bay last month (recommended by Tavi) wouldn’t have led us to connecting with Matt the Frenchman and so we wouldn’t have reconnected with him in PV and found out about Corrales where we spent Christmas.

Call them Happenstance, or God-ordained, or whatever.  We embrace them all.



2 thoughts on “Week in Review 29/12/13

  1. Our best friend from La Ventana has a place in Chamela ….it’s a bay south of Vallarta …he has a Motorhome at his property his name is Franco Demichellis….he is a very cool guy and very knowledgeable about that area for traveling….hope you can hook up with him…he is a techno D.J. ….originally from Mexico City….I met him in TodoSantos…he’s very spiritual and does meditation music as well….spent a lot of time in that area…Chamela…..happy new year…. Love the pic,s…everyone looks great….he will be in pitillal also known as Coapinole just a bit north of Vallarta on the 29 th for a New Year’s Eve party on the beach….

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