Paused in Puerto Vallarta

Tigers next to us.

Tigers next to us driving down the highway, wrestling, tumbling.  Was neat to see.

camp panoramicWe’ve discovered that our large family is not so keen on big cities, a category that includes Puerto Vallarta.  But sometimes need over-rides desire.

We decided to stay a few nights in an RV park right in the midst of town.  Behind big black iron gates are hidden cobbled stone drives with tufts of grasses; palms and other lush greens offering some scattered shade; a (necessary) swimming pool; hot showers; free wifi.

An oddity here…..most of those staying in the camp currently are French-Canadians.  We are greeted with more Bonjour’s then I ever recall speaking in French class in high school.  We hear Spanish and French spoken all day long, and although surrounded by other Canadians we rarely hear native  English speakers.

It provides time to upload pictures,  write/schedule blog posts, connect with our older daughters we miss so much, get laundry under control (my favourite is when I get to have freshly washed sheets.  Yippee), eat things we don’t have normally in camp.  We enjoy the developed part of society, the clean familiar Starbucks, the grocery stores that sell peanut butter (but they come only in small and extra-small sizes in Mexico…rare to find a normal size jar anywhere!)

The children have made friends with the owners kids so they play ball, hide n’ seek, lots of swimming.  Our kids aren’t anxious to leave here, but leave we must.  We’ll go back to ‘free’ places, something we can afford!

Half our girls

Half our girls

Laars invited us to sit and get glimpses of bats scooping drinks from the pool.  Before Laars and I left we found a little lizard swimming alone.  Maybe he’ll still be stroking if I come for a 1 am dip to cool off my burning bites.  I’d rather swim with a lizard than a mouse (Cerritos, Baja)

One night stay turned into two, and then into three.  Five a.m. the morning we planned to leave we awoke to a downpour.  Everette & I ventured out to throw tarps on the tents, drenched to the core.  He invited me for a swim but I said I had to go to the bathroom, then we heard the other tenters jump in the pool.  Why not, when you’re already soaked?  Later, they slept sitting up under the palapa.  Everette and I crawled back into bed for more zzz’s.

Treating ourselves to a stay like this is like finding an oasis in the desert.  Before we know it though, its like a mirage that’s disappeared.

GPS waypoints for Tachos RV Trailer Park  N 20.65574 W 105.23246


Tamale lunch on the side of the highway

Tamale lunch on the side of the highway


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