Week in Review 20/12/13

Yikes, not a week I want to repeat.

The scenery has been great, the company super.  Well, the people company that is.  But the buggy company has not been welcome.bug bites

This is one of my feet, before it got even more bites on it.  It was all fine when we were in Celestina Gasca where I dove into our tent as soon as it was set up.  Roads less   traveled weren’t really a problem nor where there was Nothing Fishy happening.

But once we hit Mazatlan we sidled up to one of the world’s largest estuaries and all the nasties that go with that.  We knew it would be bad so it was a long day driving.  But we didn’t get far enough through it which was painfully obvious.  In the hopes of catching a glimpse of tortugas (turtles) at Playa Las Tortugas I came away with feet on fire, and have been bitching about it ever since.  It feels like the tops of my feet have been shaved with sandpaper.  Not to mention the rest of the way up to my forehead.  I am not happy about this situation at all.

Sadly, part of the whole adventure thing.

Take the good with the bad.

2 thoughts on “Week in Review 20/12/13

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