Celestino Gasca

We try and set camp up while we have daylight, and possibly spend hours enjoying the afternoon sun before we slip into evening and our beds.

It isn’t always possible to find a camping spot for the night, so we start early scouring the coastline for something suitable, asking the locals what they might suggest.  That’s how we discovered this camping spot near Celestino Gasca, by stopping a local with no English to suggest where we might camp.  With hand motions he ‘showed’ us and we bumped our way down and around to discover this sandy spot where the sole person we saw was a fisherman (we gather) who left the beach in his truck before sunset and returned in the morning while we were exiting.camp

We enjoy the sunrise, just Everette and I.  Gorgeous, moist solitude with waves crashing.

Sunrise with Everette

Sunrise with Everette

GPS Waypoint Boondocking free

Celestino Gasca  N 23.78534  W 106.87017


Everette couldn’t find a bottle opener.

opening beer

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