Driving with Presidents on Festival Guadalupana

Laying in bed early this morning Everette and I heard the very faintest rain-spits on our tent.  It was moving day, heading south on our travels, and we weren’t looking forward to packing up a wet camp.

Alas, it didn’t amount to much until we were well on our way, after running into David and Brian at the marina where we had final-final-final Farewells (with hugs & climbing children).

Finally the heavens opened up, washing some of the grime from four-wheeled Reggie.  He’s looking pretty dirty these days.

We pull up to pay (hwy) toll & we see Federal and Municipal police with dogs, an army truck, crowds of people that rush out with (television) cameras all ascending on the California-licensed brown Yukon we had just passed a mile back.

I quizzed a fellow outside of one of the buildings “importante persona?” This unassuming vehicle had the Presidente of Ciudad Obergon in it.  We were about 12km from Ciudad Obergon, his destination.

Rains continued to fall and we changed our plans from a side trip and night in Alamos, the northern most colonial city in Mexico.  It would have been a great photo opportunity and history lesson, but driving on a rainy day suits us fine.

I’m itching for warmer weather south of here.  The family all seems fine with what we have.  Maybe I’m just bellyaching, but I’m tired of wearing the layers of clothing when I’m in Mexico.

Aren’t we supposed to be sun worshiping by now?

We notice an unusual amount of people walking along the side of the highways today and realize it is because of Festival Guadalupana.  We pull over when the crowd obstructs a lane and enjoy watching the respect and admiration the people have for this Saint.

Lady of Guadalupe

Lady of Guadalupe

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