Grapevine in Top Performance

One of the many bays around here where houses nestle amongst the rocky hills.

One of the many bays around here where houses nestle amongst the rocky hills.

Just finishing up late-lunch dishes a white truck with BC license plates arrives in camp and I hear a friendly “Karen!” as Sandy popped out of the passenger side, quickly joined by Judy who was completely unfamiliar to me.  Sandy I had met briefly at Barracuda Bob’s after her husband, George, had directed us to the coffee shop.  

“You guys are famous and I just had to come and meet you!”  Judy extends her hand with a business/travel card of hers and her sisters information handwritten on the back.  “My sister lives in Panama; I already called her and told her about you, and she wants you to phone her when you get there!”

Travelers are amazing.  Networks spider across time zones, countries & languages.

The ladies leave our camp a few minutes later with our youngest 3 kids in tow to go to a nearby beach in front of Soggy Peso bar where their friends were kite surfing.  The wind was blowing hard, great for the sportsmen & women, sand blasting the faces of the spectators.  The kids enjoy their time.

I had already arranged another trip back to Barracudas Bob’s so that’s where I headed, expecting/hoping to be quick enough to join the others at the kite surfing beach.

But when I was flagged down by another BC van in town and told that they had heard about us and had just come from our camp where they found only Danaka and the 3 youngest, I knew I was already too late.

We chuckled at our notoriety, at the impossibility of going unnoticed even among gringos.  If our:

*van piled high with rooftop boxes, boats and surfboards isn’t enough;

* or painted on the boxes isn’t noticeable;

*all those vinyl stick-figures on the back window don’t get counted;

*even just having a BC license (I’m always noticing license plates, so figure other people are probably looking, too);

*9 of us piling out of the van doesn’t turn heads;


Our camp at Playa Piedras Pintas

Our camp at Playa Piedras Pintas

Certainly the grapevine is in top performance!

No secrets here!!

Not that we have secrets to keep.  I just find it amusing how quickly our presence is buzzed around town, and how they discover what tucked away beach we are at.  The part of Playa Piedras Pintas that we are at is only visible from the Lookout at the end of a hilly climb.  Mexicans come to this part of the beach to fish from shore, or don wetsuits to hunt octopus.  Dolphins entertain us.  Not much else seems to happen here.

But somehow we are found…and warmly welcomed…by gringos, here.


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