Boat Work in Guaymas

We drove the main drag in San Carlos our first morning here wondering where a good place to find a coffee was.  Pulling over to a pedestrian striding along I commented, “You look like a gringo who knows where to find a good cup of coffee” and thus met George/Jorge from Manitoba.

Side-of-the-highway chat with George directed us both down to Barracuda Bob’s where we chatted up a storm with sailors and snowbirds alike.  George introduced us to his wife, Sandy, then they were off to the busy life of gringos in Mexico, coming and going.

The kids who were today’s Grand Prize Winners (the ‘others’ are those left behind to tend camp) showered under precious hot water and plugged into free wifi while Everette made contacts with the men, settling down to a long chat with David and his longtime friend Brian.

David from Whistler, BC

David from Whistler, BC

David had recently purchased a 49’ Maple sailboat which he had some Mexicans do some work on in preparation for a speculated 6 week journey to Vancouver via Hawaii June 2014 for more extensive work.  David’s a professor, not a handy-man, so Everette discussed the project with him from the perspective of a builder and finishing carpenter.



Later that day Everette and Mitchell found there way out to Sojourn in drydock outside Guaymas where they met up with David and Brian and started ripping up floorboards and pulling out stairs.

Where the stairs belong, another days' job for Everette.

Where the stairs belong, another days’ job for Everette.

Everette and Mitch spent the following days on the boat with the 2 men, fixing bilge pumps, replacing supports for the floor, correcting all those little things amiss.  Feeling useful and enjoying the process, the guys like to give of themselves.  Familiarizing themselves more with the workings of sailboats, and building on the dream of having a sailboat for themselves one day.Ev & Brian

GPS Waypoint

Guaymas Marina  N 27.89611  W 110.89033

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