Week in Review 1/12/13

It’s been a great week here in Mexico, once I was prepared and then  dealt with the border and we got settled and started meeting people here at Bahia de Kino.   The rains and winds caught up with us, but we managed our way thru.  As much as we might not enjoy particular moments or days/nights, overall we continue to be thankful that we aren’t in rainy and cold BC, closed up in a house away from the weather.  Having a choice, we’d much rather be here.  (Although there would have a hot bath available.  Hmmm.)

We had the most delightful invite by Tavi and Sheila to come have a pancake breakfast at their place last Sunday morning, treating us to hot showers and a load of fresh laundry.  We nearly ate them out of house and home, but if you had tasted their banana-walnut pancakes with coconut nectar syrup, you’d have done the same thing!  And delectable truffle for breakfast dessert.  Who could say “I’m done, thanks.”  Obviously, none of us.  We’ve heard rumours about our bottomless pits have been making the rounds through gringo circles this week.  Thanks, Tavi!

Unfortunately, I don’t have pics to share from that great morning with these folks from back home (near Port Alberni, BC) but I’m positive we’ll be seeing them again before we pull out of town, so maybe something will transpire from that and I can ‘share’ these great folks with you.

The reason Tavi scouted us out down at the beach was simply because he had heard about us from a 60th Birthday Party he had attended where he met Rob and Dee whom we had traveled down with.  Tavi thought we were adventurous at heart like he and his wife, so he tracked us down, shared a scrumptious watermelon and honeydew with us the day before inviting us to his place.  Having sailed/traveled a lot in his own life he’s been another person to speak into our traveling hearts and minds, and to give tips to Mitchell about his boat, Girlfriend, who has finally made her maiden voyage and survived.  She brings great joy to the kids and many fish to our frying pan.

The Birthday fellow spoken of was none other than Jeff, who warmly opened his home to our gang to share a special Thanksgiving Dinner with us this past week.  You’ll likely hear more about Jeff and Marlayna in the upcoming week.

Rob & Dee have headed back to the USA but not out of our lives.  They have been a wonderful addition to our traveling friends, and I have a sneaking suspicion that the kids stole some of Rob’s heart in particular.  So, they’ll have to be coming to visit us sometime in the future.

Instead of Goodbye’s we got So Longs.  Until next time.

Stopped by for So Longs and to bless us with foods they didn't want to travel with.  What a great couple.

Stopped by for So Longs and to bless us with foods they didn’t want to travel with. What a great couple.

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