Girlfriend Makes Her Maiden Voyage

We’ve been anxiously waiting for this day.  So excited to see if Girlfriend actually floats.  Built near Cortez, CO and testing the waters of the Sea of Cortez, maybe she ought to be the ‘Cortez Girlfriend’.

We were so excited, yet sad, too, because Everette who was such an encouragement to Mitchell during the building process, wasn’t here to witness it.

But the kids made it happen.  They organized themselves into the first crew.  Got all the parts in place.  Cleaned out yogurt containers for bailing.  Just in case.

The first crew.

The first crew.

It took basically all of us to carry that lug down to the waters edge.  It’s a heavy sucker.

Ready. prep

Set.empty boat


tiller falls off

There she goes!!  The tiller came loose.  Maret retrieved it easily enough, they got it securely on and they were off and paddling.  Happy as all-get-out!

rowingMitchell’s been having lots of fun on the boat, taking his siblings out with his Girlfriend most days for hours on end.  He’s scheming to make a sale out of something next.  A tarp?  His sisters’ sarongs?  We/He isn’t quite sure yet, but I’m sure he’ll figure something out, in time.

4 thoughts on “Girlfriend Makes Her Maiden Voyage

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